9. Listening (to) Cyborgs

           Lecture and workshop on sound art, the history of women in electronic music, the ethics and politics of sound technologies, deep listening, composing and performing with free software, and electronic improvisational practices.

Listening (to) Cyborgs is a media archeology workshop that explores how analogue and early digital technologies engender users and listeners, distribute bodies, articulate gender, and constitute political agency. Inspired by the work of Laurie Anderson, the workshop looks back to the moment of transition and coexistence between analogue and digital sound tools to encourage participants to learn to use—and playfully explore—the sound technology that surrounds them today.

Organized by University of Pennsylvania PhD candidates Roksana Filipowska and Maria Murphy. Sponsored by GAPSA, Annenberg, Music Department, History of Art, PennDesign, Vitale Digital Media Lab, camra, and Vox Populi.

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