artist, composer, engineer

Nadia Botello

Sound, Installation

Sono/Aqua utilizes a system pioneered by Botello that activates and amplifies the resonant frequency of water in real-time; a swimming pool "sings" out its vibration, and simultaneously activates standing waves and harmonic nodes above and below water. While immersed, bodies become live nodes -- audibly affecting and altering the frequency of the pool. Participants hear through their bone structures; tuning in to engage differences in aurality between air and water, cochlear and bone, active and receptive, solo and communal. Each movement affords a new listening experience, and the audience is encouraged to explore freely as they co-compose alongside the water for themselves and each other. World premiere commissioned by MATA for the 20th Annual MATA Festival.

Untitled. 1972, from Deja-Vu
Sound, Installation

Untitled. 1972, from Deja-Vu is a composition in response to the Ralph Gibson photograph of same title. Paired together for the exhibition, the work is engineered for headphones. Commissioned by the Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania for Landscape / Soundscape. Excerpt here.

Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water is an ongoing series of sculptures requiring listeners to physically initiate contact with the works, resonating their bone structures. The long-form compositions contained within the water are thus made audible. Commissions from Flux Factory, Little Berlin, and Fairmount Water Works.

Duende is a 15ft above-ground pool engineered into a large-scale oscillator that continuously activates harmonic standing waves and nodes within the site. The pool was accompanied by a series of ensemble vocal improvisations, and a 90ft x 20ft four-channel video installation. Commissioned by the Icebox Project Space for their Sound Residency Series. Excerpt here.

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